Lightjet prints - chose an image
About Lightjet Prints "The CSI LightJet 5000 printer exposes a digital image directly to photographic paper or film using red, green and blue laser beams. The resulting images are processed through traditional photographic chemistry. The RES16 resolution printing results in what is arguably the sharpest, highest fidelity printing available today. An ink jet printer would need to print in excess of 4000 dpi to equal the LightJet. It has all the benefits of digital imaging and none of the limitations inherent in the optical enlarging process. These images are printed onto Fuji Crystal Archive materials which presently enjoy the highest rating for image longevity of all the photographic papers made today. This rating is established by Wilhelm Imaging Research, an independent organization respected for its testing of materials for permanence."

Ligthjet print can be ordered by sending an e-mail or call 714-970-1200. All prints are mounted on gator board, unframed. "Please call or email for quote on custom framing." Some images are not scalable to over 30x40.