Nature - the world of the abstract - vastly complex and infinitely fragile.

By looking closely at the natural world, we learn anew what the deepest spiritual traditions of humanity have always taught: namely, that there is an ultimate and sacred unity...

Every spring my hibiscus becomes the birthing grounds for a myriad of white flies. The tiny flies lay their eggs in a spiral, on the underside of a leaf. Starting from the center, they create this wonderful imprint, this tiny pattern, a baby's finger nail wide, a perfect example of lifes push to sustain it self. I love my hibiscus, I have always included then in my garden. I have battled the white flies for years, like San Juan Capistrano Swallows, they keep coming back. The yearly fight with the white files is never won, their ability to procreate seems to be infinite. This ritual is in one way comforting, the resilience of life is wondrous to behold, it gives me hope that our battles against nature will fail in the end...and life will prevail.