Interaction is an installation that uses a glass sculpture as an imaging device, projecting seven images on a hanging silk screen. This architectural
interface fills the stair well space that it hangs in, and uses it as part of the art.

The Images are based on an asian design theme. They are organic, in a meditative way, depicting the metamorphosis of form and energy. The wonder of this process is the fluidity, and interaction of the images. They slowly blend from one to another. Move mouse over image to the right.

The device uses 7 low power quartz lamps, 7 condenser lenses, 7 color slides (4x5), 7 objective lenses all in a 84" glass armature hanging on steel cables. The lamp sequence is program by a micro processor (PLC)
. The images are projected on a ten foot long forty four inch wide white silk screen hanging hanging on a fourteen foot wall. This installation brings together photography-graphics, computers, sculpture, and an artistic interplay of projected images. Technology and art blending together.

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