Words Project - two hundred and fifteen - Dyslexia

The Word Project started here in the dictionary. In the early sixties the word dyslexia was not in the lexicon of the our culture, and the disorder was not understood by educators, physicians, or families. Large groups of people knew that they related to the world differently than others. Thought processes were constantly defining the relationships of form and space... It is default to stay focused on a linear track. The shapes between the letters become as visual as the letters themselves.The 26 letters of the alphabet are as perplexing as they are a necessity. The combinations they create group them selves into pictograms that are identified by their overall shapes. The word comprehensive is seen as a pattern in its totality, rather than a word, com pre hen sive, made up from subgroup of letters. The words become images sequencing in a linear progression. Read more about dyslexia.

I combed through the dictionary looking for key words that effected me in some emotional way. The list grew to two hundred and fifteen. I put them into groups, or incorporated a single word into an image. Click on the dictionary above and view the list, then click on a highlighted word to view the the connection. This is an ongoing project associating words and their relationships to emotional content.